S/V Hello World's Travel Log

rounding the capes

There are 2 capes on the west coast of Vancouver Island that worry boaters: Cape Scott and Cape Cook (aka Cape of Storms, named by Captain Cook himself) - think Cape Horn or Cape of Good Hope - nasty places that sailors shiver at when the names are mentioned, but they're always in the way of getting to someplace fun. OK, the west coast of Van Isle can't really be compared to the tips of South America or Africa, but you get my point - they are scary.

Well, we got around both, without much incident (sorry, were you expecting a good story after that buildup?). Woohoo!

We did run into some nasty wave action, but very little wind...it made for a great picture of Palarran sinking (fortunately they're a very light boat and they just bounced right back to the surface)

So this all called for some celebratory drinking-out-of-the-growler (thanks Rach for the awesome jug!!)

Tawn got fancy with it

And we all breathed a big sigh of relief.


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I'm just catching up on blog posts. You're welcome!

Rachel said...

Also, I'm inept at posting who I am, apparently.