S/V Hello World's Travel Log

Walker Group

We got south of Cape Caution and make the long run to Port Hardy to meet up with s/v Palarran and m/v Andante for their circumnavigation of Vancouver Island - back with friends again!

We headed out at o-dark-thirty, just as the sun was coming up, so we could beat the waves that the wind kicks up in the afternoon. We were slowed by a log boom coming out of the harbor that morning...

...but they have such cute tug boats! (check out that little mini one in front of the big one)

We celebrated CB's bday. I couldn't find candles, so we used drink umbrellas; though Jason wouldn't let me light them on fire.

We attempted crabbing (unsuccessfully), but thankfully didn't pull up whatever monster ate a hole in my metal bait box - this is still a mystery.

Fortunately Kevin and Susan had more luck fishing than CB and I did crabbing.

We hillbilly boccied...

...and CB destroyed one of the bocce balls (this is Jason's angry face)

We campfired on the beach...

...and had the most delicious salmon EVAR. This was Kevin's idea, taken from a native salmon bake on Blake Island. Butterflied salmon on a stick with butter and brown sugar. OMG YUM.

Walker Group? Conquered.

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Sabrina and Tom said...

Looks like a great time!

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