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SJK hits the Broken Islands

For those of you not aware of the dirtbag live-aboard contingent in our marina, we call ourselves Sailor Jerry's Kids (have you ever had Sailor Jerry's rum? Yeah, we're his kids). Kevin, Susan, CB, Tawn, Jason and I all had a wonderful week or so in the Broken Islands.

We explored sea caves

Tawn conquered islands (and was nearly stranded)

We pretended we were in Mexico

We scammed prawns off of fellow boaters (who took pity on us because we couldn't catch our own)

We opened a hair salon on the beach

We even kicked Palarran's butt sailing

Since 3 of the 15 or so SJK boats were in the Broken Group in Barkley Sound this summer, we decided to commemorate our last few days with the SJK Special Olympics. I apologize for posting this about two months late, but Palarran was supposed to post these pictures, but they are SOOOO busy that I got sick of waiting for them.

Event 1 was "The Huck". The Huck is classified as a spastic and disorganized entry into the water.

Clearly CB took gold in this event:

The next event was the suicide swing. We attach a halyard to our pole and jump off the bowsprit. Tawn shows fantastic form:

Though Kevin got extra points for best costume - and the nose plug

But Jason pulled through for best picture

For the next event, we tested Jason's theory of trailing the inflatable paddleboards behind a planing dinghy. And it even worked!

For a while anyway

Tawn attempted to make up a new event, but we never could figure out what she was doing

We found the best tree swing EVER in Bazett anchorage across from Lucky Creek. Sadly, Palarran has all of the video footage from that event, so they'll have to take a break from eating tacos to post it.

And the final event for the SJK Special Olympics was ax throwing (yes, it seemed like a good idea when we were drinking at a beach campfire)

It turns out we have a few ringers in the ax throwing arena - who knew!

As is true with the real Special Olympics, we decided that everybody deserved a prize and no one was declared the only winner.

It was a great way to say farewell to CB and Tawn - we'll miss those guys, though our livers have been a little happier since they left... :)


Sabrina and Tom said...

Looks like major fun. Yes, Jason's splash should score a 9.9.

s/v Honey Ryder Caliber 40 LRC

ljhliesl said...

I started drooling at sea caves and I'm not sure I've stopped. I crave such a voyage.

p/v Watership Up

Kev said...

UHH, that's NOT "costume" !!!